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Formula-Style Learning Approach

Especially for Concerned Parents whose Secondary School Children Need Help to Improve in their English Language Subject...

Discover This Simple Yet Highly-Effective

that will Drastically Help Your Child Improve in her English Language Exam by 3 to 5 Grades By The Year-End Exams!

This formula-style of learning English has never been revealed before because it has been extremely effective for our students. As such, this was never released online. You cannot find this in any store or book. 

Until now…

As I think about how incredibly beneficial this is to students, I have decided to let motivated parents like you get the opportunity to let your child learn this never-before-seen methodology.

However, to ensure other centres don't claim this secret, I'll be keeping this offer only for a limited time.

Before I unlock our treasure chest, let me introduce myself and what I do…

Explain what is effective with this given sentence -

"The ants formed columns like tiny soldiers and they marched on”

This technique helps your child easily answer complex EL questions like this one:

Hi, I’m Edwin Edangelus Cheng and I’m the founder and principal of EduEdge Learning Hub. 

My peers would know me as a former Subject Head (Curriculum Innovation) endorsed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the youngest school-appointed teacher to have helmed the English Department in the school I was attached to. 

Why Our Students Improve Drastically?

Together with our other English Language Specialists at EduEdge, we have have personally coached hundreds of local and international students to new academic heights for their GCE ‘O’ and ‘N’ Level examinations. 

I’m also one of the few teachers in the teaching fraternity who is ‘Research Activist’ certified with a Certificate of Completion conferred by our Permanent Secretary (Education). My research paper, which looks at using commercial advertisements to increase students’ reading and critical thinking skills, was also published on the MOE EduMall site.

They learnt the skills and strategies needed using our unique learning system, and applied them consistently to achieve a dramatic 3 to 5 grade improvement in their O and N Level EL exams! And for many of them, such results were attained in 4 months or less!

Why our students have such a track record is because we don’t teach English as a “right-brained” subject. We don’t believe that learning English requires our students to “feel” the language or rely on their guts to determine if the answer “looks" or "sounds” right.

As such, our unrelenting research over many years has made English learnable, understandable and doable, just like Maths or Science!

If you child has no problems picking up Maths or Science, she will have no issues learning English using the proprietary formula-style techniques you are about to discover now.

How Your Child Will Benefit From Learning This Approach

Let’s come back to our question, which often appears in various forms during the O and N Level exams.

Many parents don’t know that their children will be awarded zero marks when their answer is not 100% correct. There won't be any "pity" marks for a partial correct answer; not even half a mark. Just zero! 

As a former English teacher, I can tell you this is because giving a partial score is subjective; and teachers don't like to mark subjectively. So, knowing how to precisely answer this question to the satisfaction of the teacher is crucial. 

Explain what is effective with this given sentence - 

"The ants formed columns like tiny soldiers and they marched on”

Fortunately, your child will now get her chance to learn our secret 3S formula-style technique, along with 2 more other techniquesthat will teach her to systematically answer many types of complex EL questions!

To experience how your child can easily learn to answer this question using our secret step-by-step, structured approach, request for a Diagnostic Consultation session by clicking on the button below.

Quick English Mastery” 

Diagnostic Consultation

Date and Time: By Appointment Only

Venue: 301 Serangoon Avenue 2, Singapore 550301

Formula-Style Learning Approach 

Let Your Child Learn The

Through A

2. For Composition2 crucial actionable steps that your child can immediately apply after the session to start seeing a vast improvement in her English grade the next time she attempts Composition questions.

3. For Comprehension: A simple but highly-effective 3-step reading system that your child can apply immediately to improve understanding when reading, and answer Comprehension questions correctly.

1. For Situational WritingA step-by-step technique that your child can use to generate specific, relevant and creative ideas used to capture Cambridge's markers' attention when attempting Situational Writing questions.

For the past few months during our Diagnostic Consultation sessions, many parents and their children mastered at least 1 of our formula-style techniques (such as the 3S Technique) immediately!

You and your child can too, but only when you reserve your Diagnostic Consultation session with us to learn more about how our highly-effective formula-style techniques, and how it will help her right away!

During your non-obligatory 1-hour session, we will carry out an in-depth analysis of your child's current strengths and areas for improvement based on her latest school assessment paper. You will also discover her current starting point in relation to the demands of the new EL syllabus and the Cambridge marking rubrics. 

In addition, you and your child can expect to receive the following:

… and many more useful strategies and tips to help your child improve her English.

30 Oct 16

You will receive this Diagnostic Consultation for your child absolutely free if you fulfill 2 conditions.

Our Diagnostic Consultation sessions provide so much value to help students vastly improve in their English Language subject that many parents agree the asking price of $158 is well worth it.

But because I know you are a concerned parent who really wants the best for your child, I have this one-time deal for you!

Yes, you don't need to spend a single cent to let your child learn all the techniques and formulas that were mentioned above while having all your queries answered!


And we are not done yet! 

This is the exclusive learning resource which our existing students are using to quickly reference the most efficient steps to answer the different types of Comprehension questions. 

Remember, only the first 10 fast action-taker parents will receive this for free!

However, if you cannot be 100% committed to attending your session, please do not reserve an appointment and deprive another family in reserving that slot. 

1. Accompany your child and bring along her latest Class Test paper from her school, and...

2. Reserve your appointment before... 

If you are among the first 10 fast-action parents this week, your child will also be receiving a Comprehension Cheat Sheet

Here are what our students have to say about their experience at EduEdge Learning Hub.

Rebecca Leo

Paya Lebar Methodist Girl's School


First Toa Payoh Secondary School

Lee Wen Hui

Beatty Secondary School

"Until now, I could still vividly remember one lesson when EduEdge made use of the lyrics of the song, “Everything At Once’’, as a teaching material to keep in date with the new syllabus. 

It literally got me all excited and open to learning. How creative that is!"

"One of the most interesting activities that is usually held in the classes at EduEdge are debates. This was one of the activities which I have personally enjoyed the most. 

The debates broaden my viewpoint and mind-set and I have learnt how to speak confidently and self-assuredly when affirming my standpoint. At the same time, teamwork and collaboration were promoted during group work. Under my tutor’s tutelage, I was able to improve on my public speaking."

"I feel that it is EduEdge's teaching methods which make their lessons a cut above the rest. The tutors adopt a student-centered learning culture where clear instructions are given for every task. They also make their lessons engaging where every student will have the chance to speak up. This not only makes our learning more productive, it also trains us to be more confident.

Besides, EduEdge has a weekly group writing where all students are encouraged to participate. This allows us to maximise our learning even at home."

There is a reason why EduEdge is able to help so many of our students master their O or N Level English, many whom were able to do it in 4 months or less!

It is because we have a proven formula-style system that is easy to use, yet is highly-effective in helping our students score A1s consistently!

All the techniques used at EduEdge have been fully developed by us, so that it can be used exclusively in our Singapore schools and Cambridge context. No other centres have come close to develop a similar system.

Just take a look at the snapshot of our formula-style system of learning English!

As incredible as it may sound to you, this system you see here is only one of our four distinct edges you and your child will find at EduEdge!

These are what make us unique! These are why our students find us highly-effective in helping them master English! These are why EduEdge is the English Language Specialist!

Here are more of what our students have to say about our formula-style learning techniques.

Timothy Teo

Presbyterian High School


Private Candidate

Qian Lei

First Toa Payoh Secondary School

Before enrolling into EduEdge, I was hesitant to join as many other tuition centres have failed me. After attending just the first lesson, my perspective of learning English has changed

One main reason that changed me is Mr Cheng teaches us his systematic methods of approaching the various components of the English papers effectively. For example, the SP3OTVCD approach has allowed me to be more conscious when tackling the Language Editing section of Paper One. 

I have never pictured English Language as a subject that can be revised like Maths or Science. I have always thought that those who are better in English are naturally born with it. I was mistaken. 

I find the English lessons at EduEdge exciting and engaging. The quality of the notes from EduEdge are unlike any other, and they alone are already worth the fees I’ve invested. Significant strategies that have value-added to my learning would be PIVEO and SCORE. This has definitely strengthened my elaboration in my writing.

I struggled with English and my marks usually hovered around 50+. I had problems handling the Summary Writing component of Paper 2 because I was not able to pick out the correct points

EduEdge showed me exactly how to tackle them by using the A.S.A.P technique and since then, I have managed to consistently search and select at least 13 out of the required 15 content points. Undoubtedly, this was instrumental in helping me secure a B3 for my GCE ‘O’ levels.

The last I checked, we haven't got many appointments sessions left! That means you should really hurry to reserve your appointment!

All you need to do now is to click on the orange button below to reserve your Diagnostic Consultation session with me or any of our English Language Specialists.

Remember, reserve your appointment early and bring her test paper along to receive the Diagnostic Consultation for your child at no costs! And only the first 10 will be receive the complimentary Comprehension Cheat Sheet!

The fact that you are still reading this page means that you are a serious parent who is committed to help your child improve her English drastically! You belong to the rare minority who knows how to select the crème-of-the-crop tuition centre from the mediocre! You believe that your child will have a very good chance to finally master her English, with us!

But at the end of the day, if you choose to procrastinate another day and think another “better” centre might pop up, you will never take action. And your child could then struggle with her English for yet another year!

...or contact one of our English Language Specialists at 9711 4285.

Quick English Mastery” 

Diagnostic Consultation

Complimentary Diagnostic Consultation Expires In...

Date and Time: By Appointment Only

Venue: 301 Serangoon Avenue 2, Singapore 550301


Alvin James Ting

Beatty Secondary School

Chin Hou Ren

Anderson Secondary School

Amanda Leo

Nan Chiau High School










EduEdge was definitely instrumental in helping me clinch my distinction. I often submitted additional essays, and they were never rejected. EduEdge even encouraged me to persevere in my efforts to score a distinction, even though this translated into additional work for them. 

My English grades hovered around B4-B3. Under EduEdge's tutelage, my grades made consistent improvement which culminated in an A1.

I feel that Mr Cheng is one of the rare individuals who has made studying English fun, and brings in a more interesting perspective on English. He makes a great effort to help me in any way he can. 

By learning the tips and tricks which he imparted, I was able to complete the exam in a breeze with time to spare and double-check my work. Without his words of affirmation and encouragement, I do not believe it would have been possible for me to achieve the result I got.

I find the lessons at EduEdge very enriching as the tutors apply an extremely unique way of teaching English in a structured, systematic and scientific way. They never fail to identify our weaknesses in our essays and they give us proper guidance on how to improve. 

I used to have problems with Reading Comprehension but after guidance from the tutors at EduEdge on how to use their techniques, I know how to apply the necessary steps needed and answer the questions directly.

You have already done so much for your child in her lifetime. All it takes for you is just to reserve your Diagnostic Consultation session using the Appointment Page. Or should you prefer to speak to one of our English Language Specialists to further address your concerns regarding your child's English performance, SMS / WhatsApp / Call 9797 6581

This will ensure she is ready for the most important subject for her O Levels, and more importantly, for life!

I leave you with this quote.

I’ll see you during our consultation.

Edwin Edangelus Cheng

Founder / Principal

EduEdge Learning Hub

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